• 28 noviembre, 2016 • English • Views: 206


    Synopsis: This article analyzes the fair use doctrine in U.S. Copyright Law, as well as relevant case law, focusing in the recent famous Google Books’ case where the court found this searchable database as transformative and consequently...

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  • 18 enero, 2013 • English • Views: 883

    Culture: good business for everybody

    Víctor Manuel Guízar López/Ginebra, Suiza The times have been left behind when culture and business travelled on different paths. Thanks to the increase in global trade, a product of globalization, as well as the boom in the exchange...

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  • 16 noviembre, 2012 • English • Views: 1513

    At Risk: US National Security and Intellectual Property

    Yazmin Galindo Once upon a time, the United States was both thought of – and was in reality – the international leader in communication technology; now it is being successfully challenged in this arena by foreign companies....

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  • 15 octubre, 2012 • English • Views: 1431

    A patent in the Bible?

    Por Esteban Santamaría Hernández The bible is one of the most antiques and important text in human history; it’s not only a religious or inspirational book, is also one of historical and narrative gender, which has motivated many...

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  • 5 septiembre, 2012 • English • Views: 1132

    Vaccine delivery breakthrough

    Infectious diseases kill millions of people every year and children under the age of five, especially those in developing countries, are particularly vulnerable. While significant progress has been made through global...

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  • 20 julio, 2012 • English • Views: 1071

    Unfair competition, a changing point of view

    Por  Santiago Nadal Spanish Unfair Competition Law is nowadays used as a tool to guarantee freedom of competitors and the fairness market behavior. Commercial Courts have changed its application; from the classical cases, related to...

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  • 20 junio, 2012 • English • Views: 1214

    The Circumstances Under Which the Trademark May be Cancelled according to Egyptian...

    By Shaimaa Solaiman Law Firm Challengue Introduction: According to the Egyptian IP Law No. 82 /2002, the cancellation of a trademark under the said Law may take place either by administrative authority (the Egyptian Trademarks Office)...

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  • 20 abril, 2012 • English • Views: 1174

    Architecture & Copyright Controversies

    Por: WIPO MAGAZINE 2011   Architecture is deeply woven into the fabric of human history and culture, and its influence cannot be underestimated. Born of the fundamental human need for shelter, the art of designing and constructing...

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  • 10 febrero, 2012 • English • Views: 2634

    Cannabis: Trademark Validity

    Por: Giulio Cesare Zanetti The Court of First Instance of the European Community by issuing Judgment No T-234/06 confronted the complex issue of validity of a community trademark, particularly regarding its descriptive nature. This case...

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  • 13 enero, 2012 • English • Views: 941

    Apple is making Passwords Obsolete With New Face Recognition Patent

    Por: LDG. Maria Jose Oyanguren Guedea As we know, Apple solve all of our problems and make our lives easier.  For most of us, passwords are a hassle. Now Apple is about to make passwords obsolete. USPTO published a patent application by...

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