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Culture: good business for everybody

Por Mi Patente • 18/01/2013

Víctor Manuel Guízar López/Ginebra, Suiza
The times have been left behind when culture and business travelled on different paths. Thanks to the increase in global trade, a …

At Risk: US National Security and Intellectual Property

Por Mi Patente • 16/11/2012

Yazmin Galindo
Once upon a time, the United States was both thought of – and was in reality - the international leader in communication technology; now …

A patent in the Bible?

Por Mi Patente • 15/10/2012

Por Esteban Santamaría Hernández
The bible is one of the most antiques and important text in human history; it’s not only a religious or inspirational book, …

Vaccine delivery breakthrough

Por Mi Patente • 05/09/2012

Infectious diseases kill millions of people every year and children under the age of five, especially those in developing countries, are particularly vulnerable. While significant progress has …

Unfair competition, a changing point of view

Por Mi Patente • 20/07/2012

Por  Santiago Nadal
Spanish Unfair Competition Law is nowadays used as a tool to guarantee freedom of competitors and the fairness market behavior. Commercial Courts have …

The Circumstances Under Which the Trademark May be Cancelled according to Egyptian Law

Por Mi Patente • 20/06/2012

By Shaimaa Solaiman
Law Firm Challengue
According to the Egyptian IP Law No. 82 /2002, the cancellation of a trademark under the said Law may take place either …

Architecture & Copyright Controversies

Por Mi Patente • 20/04/2012

Architecture is deeply woven into the fabric of human history and culture, and its influence cannot be underestimated. Born of the …

Cannabis: Trademark Validity

Por Mi Patente • 10/02/2012

Por: Giulio Cesare Zanetti

The Court of First Instance of the European Community by issuing Judgment No T-234/06 confronted the complex issue of validity of …

Apple is making Passwords Obsolete With New Face Recognition Patent

Por Mi Patente • 13/01/2012

Por: LDG. Maria Jose Oyanguren Guedea
As we know, Apple solve all of our problems and make our lives easier.  For most of us, passwords are …

Cracking Ideas

Por Mi Patente • 12/01/2012

Aardman, creators of Britain’s national treasures, Wallace & Gromit, have learned how to retain, and profit from, their intellectual property (IP). This …